If you need food assistance in Anchorage, Alaska, call F.I.S.H. at (907) 277-0818.

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How to help.

You can help our community by assisting F.I.S.H. with a monetary or food donation, volunteering your time and labor and by spreading the word about F.I.S.H.

"Years ago, I took my young daughter with me as I delivered food for F.I.S.H. She grumbled a lot then but now she is a professional social worker. She says those days talking about people in need and seeing them at their homes actually changed her life--as it helped them."   ---   a F.I.S.H. volunteer driver

Curious about how to help? Watch this video to see
A day in the life of the Anchorage FISH food pantry

Monetary Donations

We seek and appreciate financial support from individuals, companies and foundations. Here's how:

  • Make a donation to F.I.S.H. through the PayPal Giving Fund.
  • Make a donation online by clicking the Donate button shown in the left panel.
  • Make your check payable to F.I.S.H. and send to:
    • F.I.S.H.
      PO Box 230103
      Anchorage, AK 99523
  • Designate F.I.S.H. in your employer matching donation fund.
  • Add F.I.S.H. as your United Way designation agency.
  • Check F.I.S.H. in the Pick. Click. Give. program of the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) application.
  • Consider a tribute gift in honor of or in memory of a person.
  • Link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to FISH and we get our own rewards. You still get all of yours, too!
  • Shop at or donate to Fashion Pact and a portion of each sale amount will go to FISH if you designate us as your charity of choice.
  • Consider F.I.S.H. in your estate planning so that your generosity and commitment to our community will continue in the future.
  • Donate all or part of your Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA if you are over 70½. Learn More...
  • Participate in a fundraising event.

Food Donations

F.I.S.H. relies on local food drives for donations and our food purchases to round out supplies for healthy meals.
You can help by:

  • Organizing a special food drive at your school, church or other organization.
  • Having a food drive for one specific pantry food staple throughout the year.
  • Having a "theme" food drive (i.e. Spam, canned fruit, Hamburger Helper).
  • Having food donations as part of the entrance fee to an event.


F.I.S.H. is a charitable organization run completely by volunteers referred to us by our partner organizations. Our volunteers work two to four hours per month. For every day of food deliveries, F.I.S.H. relies on 4+ volunteers. We are always looking to fill the following volunteer positions:

Phone Callers – gather information about family size, children’s ages and special dietary needs.

2-3 hours per shift. This can be done from home or place of your choice. Starting around 8:20 a.m. the day before the delivery day (Sun, Tue, Thur, Fri), call in to the answering service to retrieve messages left for that day. The limit of calls we schedule for delivery is 20. Call each client and ask a specified list of questions. Enter information into an Excel spreadsheet (specific form provided) and email it to the pantry and/or to the packers at home and/or the drivers. Be available throughout the day by phone to answer any questions from the packer or the driver.

Packers – Pack grocery bags to meet the needs of each family.

2-3 hours per shift. This job takes place at the Pantry on delivery days beginning in the morning (around 9am). Once you have the list of families for the day (from the caller) and have checked that they have not received a delivery in the last 30 days (on the computer), pack bags of groceries according to our preset guidelines. You will have no more than 20 orders to pack. Divide the load so each driver will have an equal number of deliveries using a general east/west distinction. Restock the shelves, remove trash and recycle cardboard as needed. This is a great job for 2 or more people working together. Some preparation can be done earlier in the day or the night before, such as printing the labels and the spreadsheet.

Drivers – Deliver food to those in need.

2-3 hours per shift. Must have own transportation. Usually the deliveries are packed and ready to go by 1 or 2pm. Each driver is asked to take up to 10 deliveries. Pick up the bags at the pantry any time after 1pm. (Some drivers don’t start until after work at 6pm. Sometimes the packers will call you when the bags are ready). Get the cold food for each client out of the fridge. Organize the deliveries into a logical sequence, load them into your vehicle, and deliver to the door of each client. It helps to have a cell phone if you can’t find an address. You may also ask client to meet you at the car to pick up the groceries. The job works well with a partner.
HELPFUL MAP: Trailer Court Grids

Shoppers – Purchase additional food not received through donations; sort and stock pantry shelves.

5-10 hours per month. Must have own transportation and ability to shop at Costco. Food Bank Shoppers (different schedule) also obtain food from the Food Bank of Alaska. Weekly Shoppers are responsible for filling the pantry shelves for one week per month (covering 3-4 days of deliveries usually starting on a Wednesday). There is a pre-determined list of food items to buy. Shopping can be done at your leisure as long as the pantry is full and ready for packers at the start of your assigned week. Shoppers are also responsible for having any bulk items (rice, oatmeal, powdered milk) repackaged into smaller quantities. Several volunteers help with this task. Shoppers turn in receipts to the FISH treasurer and are reimbursed, or you can ask for an advance and then turn in receipts and balance of advance.

Re-packagers – repackage bulk items into family sizes.
Committees/Event Coordinators – participate on a committee or special event.

Email to find out how you can make a difference by becoming a F.I.S.H. volunteer.